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Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ τηλ. 210 8085969 – ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ τηλ. 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ τηλ. 210 9902190
Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ 210 8085969 ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 210 9902190
DESIGNER'S CAT - New Collection Summer 2024

DESIGNER'S CAT - New Collection Summer 2024

Unique Outfits for Special Events

Discover graceful and stylish outfits for special occasions as the baptism, wedding, ceremonies.

 Impressive and elegant dresses, lovely accessories,baptism outfits for the little ladies and bridesmaids, smart suits and shoes for boys, for the big day.


 For us the inspiration of creating each new collection is the most pleasant stage of our work.

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