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Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ τηλ. 210 8085969 – ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ τηλ. 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ τηλ. 210 9902190
Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ 210 8085969 ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 210 9902190


DESIGNER’S CAT in DLT Mall – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Α new cooperation with the store DLT Mall in Saint Petersburg, was opened. A special space at the KIDS FASHION section hosts the DESIGNER'S CAT brand next to the world's biggest names, presenting the collections for 'Luxury Dresses and Accessories".


DLT is the ultimate point of call for the discerning shopper in St Petersburg, Russia. The iconic department store has become one of the best place to shop in the city thanks to its impressive selection of more than 700 brands, many of which are exclusive in St Petersburg.

Occupying five floors encompassing 32,000 square meters, DLT has all your shipping needs covered. With top luxury international brands, VIP shopping services, restaurant and close proximity to St Petersburg must-see attractions, DLT is a must-visit whilst in St Petersburg, Russia.

Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 21-23 Saint-Peterburg, Russia 191186 +7 812 648 0848

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