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Items sold

Through our online store products available on christening or child fashion. Placed high resolution photos from different angles in order both to emerge as best possible product on the other to enable the acquirer to realize fully. The possibility of the products for sale do not correspond exactly to fabrics regarding the images and colors, subject to the Internet browser (browser) and the characteristics of the user's screen resolution.

We strive to have readily available most of our products. In case of ordering a kind of customer that is in shortage, informed by telephone and will be further consultation on placing the order as backorder or to cancel. All products come with the original label Designer's Cat.

About the prices of items:  The prices for our guests are shown with and without the legal VAT of 24% and may change without notice at any time. The prices do not include shipping costs where it occurs in the checkout.

Document Version: H your order should always be coupled with a legal document. With sales receipt.

Order Cancellation

Our company offers you the possibility to cancel an order that has already been registered. This can be done in the following ways:

• Sending email to on 'Order Cancellation' 'filling and order number.
• Call on 210 9902 190

The cancellation of an order can be made within 24 hours from the time of placement in our Eshop. After the above time no cancellation will be accepted. In any other case please contact us by phone.

Venue & applicable law.

Any dispute, disagreement or claim arising from the operation of our online stores or from concluded buy-sell products and services contracts will be governed by Greek law and responsible for their solution will be the courts of Athens.


Our company is not responsible for unauthorized use of a credit card from non-owner, if not declared in the bank lost, as it is the customer's responsibility to store the credit card. Our company and its affiliates make every effort for the good operation of the e-shop, no guarantee that the functions or the server will be uninterrupted, error, etc.

Accept terms

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Protecting Intellectual Property

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