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Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ τηλ. 210 8085969 – ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ τηλ. 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ τηλ. 210 9902190
Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ 210 8085969 ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 210 9902190

Terms & Conditions

We welcome you to our e-shop. Please read carefully the following terms of use of our e-shop.
    1. General Information

      The website is the e-shop for the promotion and sale through the Internet of the products of "DESIGNER’S CAT ΜΕΠΕ", whose central offices are in Glyfada Greece (33, A. Metaxa str), has the VAT No 998483794, the contact email address and the customer service telephone number (+30) 210 9902190.

      The visitor, user and customer of, solely by the reason of his/her navigation through the website and the performance of transactions through said website, is deemed conclusively to have read and have accepted unreservedly the following terms of use by clicking on the relevant, clearly labelled answer box or by other similar manner. 

      The terms of use may be amended at the discretion of DESIGNER’S CAT, provided that a prominent notice of the amendment and the date of its entry into effect are provided. It is clarified that such amendment does not affect orders which have been placed prior to the date of the amendment’s entry into effect. Using the services of the website after the date of entry into effect of the amendment is deemed conclusively as a full and unreserved acceptance of the amended terms. In case of violation of the terms of use, DESIGNER’S CAT may block a particular user from access to the website and take any other legal measure.

      1. Full and reliable information

      DESIGNER’S CAT warrants that the information presented in  concerning the substantial characteristics of the offered products is complete and accurate, with the reservation of entries which are manifestly erroneous or are due to force majeure (for example, hardware malfunction).

      1. Limitation of liability

      DESIGNER’S CAT is not liable for any technical problems which the visitors and users of may encounter during their navigation or their transactions through the website and are related to the operation or compatibility of their infrastructure with the website. It is pointed out that DESIGNER’S CAT is not liable for acts or omissions of third parties, especially for arbitrary intrusions of third parties to the listings of the offered products or services or to the present terms of use. The visitor or user of is obliged to use the services, the functions, the information and the data of the website in accordance with the legal provisions in force, good faith and trading practices.

      1. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

      All content presented in (indicatively: offered products, texts, photographs, images, sketches, designs, tables, graphics, databases, trademarks etc) are the intellectual and/or industrial property of DESIGNER’S CAT and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and European laws, as well as the relevant international conventions. Similarly, the design and overall presentation of the website constitutes the intellectual property of DESIGNER’S CAT.

      It is, therefore, prohibited to reproduce (in whole or in part), publish, disseminate to the public, download or use in any manner and by any means the protected original content of for any purpose other than the information of the visitors and the transactions of the customers with DESIGNER’S CAT. Moreover, it is similarly prohibited to create, publish, disseminate to the public and make any commercial use of any derivative work of any kind or form if it is based on DESIGNER’S CAT protected original material appearing at Finally, it is prohibited to reproduce (in whole or in part), copy or alter the design of or part thereof, concerning both its structural elements as well as its secondary characteristics which contribute to its unique and original character.

      Publication includes the promulgation of the original material contained in the website through social media (indicatively: facebook, instagram, google+, you tube etc). Dissemination to the public means any act of promulgation of a protected work through the interactive environment of the Internet.

      The industrial designs, the trademarks and the logos appearing at constitute the intellectual property of DESIGNER’S CAT and are protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek and European laws, as well as the relevant international conventions. It is prohibited to reproduce (in whole or in part), copy, alter, market, construct, use and exploit commercially in any way both the aforementioned protected industrial designs, trademarks and logos, as well as the products in which they are incorporated.

      Any of the above actions is a violation of the intellectual and industrial property rights of DESIGNER’S CAT, which may prosecute and seek compensation according to the applicable legislation.

      The appearance of the above protected content at may not be deemed to grant license to use any of the aforementioned elements.

      1. Creation of personal account – Registration

      In order to make commercial transactions at it is necessary to create a personal customer account (registration). The customer submits his/her identity (name or title, home or business address, telephone number) and his/her email address. Consequently, he/she selects a user name and a password.

      DESIGNER’S CAT reserves the right to delete the account of a particular customer if it transpires that the information he/she has submitted is false or if he/she has never proceeded to a transaction or if he/she is using the account maliciously or he/she attempts to alter the website or its character.

      The customer, being the owner of his/her email address, is wholly and exclusively responsible for its use and the content of the messages transmitted through it, and he/she is obliged to notify DESIGNER’S CAT of any unauthorized use of his/her personal email address, as well as any attempt at hacking his/her personal email account.

      1. Protection of personal data

      The handling and the protection of the personal data of the customers of is subject to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 for the protection of the individual from the handling of information of a personal nature, as currently in force and of General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/ΕU on the protection of personal data (GDPR). Such data are processed by virtue of the provisions of art. 6, par. 1(f) of the GDPR.                                                           

      The use of the website and the submission of personal data are by themselves proof of the user’s consent concerning their collection, storage and processing under the terms mentioned below and on the basis of an option clearly available to the user.

      By virtue of art. 6 of Law 2472/1997, DESIGNER’S CAT maintains records of the users’ personal data for reasons of communication and statistics and may process part or all of the data in said records in the aim of statistical review or improvement of services rendered. These records include the contact details of customers (full name, mailing and billing address, email address, password) as well as statistical data concerning the frequency of visits to, the purchase history, the amount of each purchase, the customer wish list, the participation in promotional activities, internet browsing data, social media data and cookies.

      DESIGNER’S CAT maintains a record of the email addresses and personal data of the users of and may send them information bulletins or notifications of offers, unless the user has expressly opted out on the basis of an option clearly available to the user. These data are maintained for as long as required by the purposes stated in the present Terms of Use and, in any case, for as long as the customer account in remains active, unless otherwise provided by the applicable tax and commercial legislation. After the expiry of said period, the personal data of the customers of DESIGNER’S CAT are permanently erased or made anonymous in a permanent and irrevocable manner.

      DESIGNER’S CAT has no right to, nor will it, transfer the user personal data records to any third person or legal entity, unless obliged by Law.

      1. Rights of data subjects

      Customers of have the right to request via email:

      (a) access to personal data and the information stemming from the processing of such data, as well as relevant electronic copies (art. 15 GDPR)

      (b) the rectification, without undue delay, of inaccurate personal data or the completion of incomplete personal data including by providing a supplementary statement (art. 16 GDPR)

      (c) the erasure of personal data (art. 17 GDPR)

      (d) the restriction of processing of his/hers personal data (art. 18 GDPR)

      (e) electronic copy of his/hers personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format in order to transmit them to another controller (right to data portability, art. 20 GDPR).

      Customers of have the right to object at any time to the processing of their personal data by withdrawing their general consent under the provisions of art. 21§1 GDPR and mentioning overarching reasons which overrule the legitimate interest of processing their personal data by DESIGNER’S CAT, according to art. 6§1(f) GDPR. They may also object at any time to the processing of their personal data for purposes of profiling or direct commercial promotion, according to  art.  21§§2, 3 GDPR.

      Finally, customers of retain at all times the right to file a complaint with the competent data protection oversight authority.

      In case of submission of personal data of minors, the Data Protection Officer erases such information, following the request of the minor's parent or legal guardian. The request is transmitted to the Data Protection Officer by email to

      1. Data Controller

      The company DESIGNER’S CAT Μ.ΕΠΕ is responsible for the processing of the personal data of the customers of The personal data of the customers of are collected only for the purposes for which the customers have expressly acquiesced. The processors of said data are located within the EU and are bound by General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/ΕU on the protection of personal data (GDPR). DESIGNER’S CAT has taken all necessary technical and organisational measure to ensure that the personal data of its customers are safe and that access to them is according to the applicable law.

      1. Data Protection Officer

      For any questions concerning or your rights pertaining to the processing of your data, you may refer to the Data Protection Officer by email to

      1. Cookies

      The website uses cookies (short files saved in the computer of the visitor/customer, recording his/her choices so that they are implemented automatically during future visits) in order to facilitate navigation, to provide personalized information and to process customer orders. Cookies are necessary for the operation of and do not cause damage to the computer of visitors/customers or to the files stored therein. Cookies are automatically deleted upon exit of the visitor from

      Customers of , by means of browser options, may at any time delete already stored cookies, prevent the creation of new cookies, prevent personalised advertising or be notified any time that a cookie is about to be installed in their computers, by means of an option clearly available to them.

      1. Links and hyperlinks

      DESIGNER’S CAT is not responsible for the personal data protection policy, the electronic transaction security, the legality and accuracy of information or services, the content and the quality of services rendered by other websites, to which directs its users through links, hyperlinks or banners. Similarly, DESIGNER’S CAT is not responsible nor does it endorse the content of websites, to which it directs or with which it is linked.

      1. Security of electronic transactions

      Electronic transactions are made through the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) of the banks mentioned in the "Payments" section by redirecting the customer to the bank’s website. DESIGNER’S CAT does not collect process or store the details of the customer’s credit, debit or prepaid card. DESIGNER’S CAT is registered under number 007663701000 with the General Business Registry of distance sellers, as provided in art.  3 (i)(d) of Law Ν. 2251/1994 on consumer protection.

      1. Method of payment

      Payment is made by credit, debit or prepaid card, through Pay Pal, by payment in cash upon delivery and by remittance to the bank account of DESIGNER’S CAT (more information in the "Payments section).

      1. Products sold

      The e-shop sells christening and children fashion products, accompanied by the authentic label of DESIGNER'S CAT.

      High-resolution photographs from different angles are provided in order to present the products in the most accurate manner, so as to facilitate the selection by the prospective customer. Images and colors of products for sale may not correspond fully to the fabrics, due to the internet browser characteristics and/or the resolution of the user's screen.

      Most of the products presented in are readily available. In case of order of a non-available product, the customer is notified by telephone within five (5) working days.

      1. Prices and VAT

      Product prices are in Euros (€) and include the corresponding Value-Added Tax (VAT) and other applicable charges. DESIGNER’S CAT reserves the right to modify prices without prior notification; it is, however, bound to implement the price posted at the time of the order.

      Listed prices do not include shipping/delivery costs, which are calculated and added upon the completion of the order.

      1. Issuance of invoice

      DESIGNER’S CAT issues retail sale invoices for the purchase of products through its website by individuals. Business invoices are issued to corporations or professionals if the necessary data are provided, ie. corporate title, profession, business address, VAT number and Tax Office of the customer. The invoices are delivered along with the products.

      1. Force majeure

      Any late delivery of an order which is due to reasons of force majeure does not incur any liability on the part of DESIGNER’S CAT. In such case, DESIGNER’S CAT notifies the customer for the reason of the delay and sets a new deadline for the delivery, providing the customer with the option of canceling the order and receiving full refund.

      1. Order cancellation and return policy

      An order may be cancelled either by telephone (+30 2109902190), or by email message ( by sending a request titled "Order cancellation" and mentioning the order number, provided that its processing has not begun and that less than 24 hours have elapsed since the time the order was placed in The refund is made within ten (10) working days from the date of cancellation, in the manner payment was made.

      Product returns due to mistaken item or excessive quantity delivery, product defect or lack of product properties described at are made at the expense of DESIGNER’S CAT following the notification by the customer, which must be submitted within twenty (20) calendar days from the delivery of the returned product by email ( or telephone (+30 2109902190).

      If a defect is verified, DESIGNER’S CAT, at its discretion, may repair or replace the product, otherwise, if the repair or replacement in a reasonable time is not possible, the transaction will be cancelled and the amount paid by the customer will be refunded in the manner payment was made. Products returned due to mistake in the delivery, defect or lack of described properties must be accompanied by the relevant shipping and sale documents and their original packaging.

      1.  Right to withdraw

      According to the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, as amended and currently in force, the customer may withdraw without reason from a distance sale contract within a deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery of the product, by sending to DESIGNER’S CAT a standard letter of withdrawal (### link ###) by email. After the expiry of the aforementioned deadline, the customer no longer has the right to withdraw and DESIGNER’S CAT has no related obligation towards the customer.

      Upon completion of the aforementioned withdrawal procedure, the returned product, which must be in its original pristine condition and in its full original packaging, is either handed off by the customer at the business address of DESIGNER’S CAT or is sent there by courier at the customer’s expense. After receiving and checking the returned product and within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the delivery to DESIGNER’S CAT of the returned product, DESIGNER’S CAT refunds the customer in the manner payment was made.

      1.  Liability of DESIGNER’S CAT

      DESIGNER’S CAT is bound by the provisions of the Civil Code concerning sale, as well as of Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, as amended and currently in force.

      DESIGNER’S CAT takes the necessary measures for the smooth, safe and continuous operation of and is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the customer due to navigating in said website or using its services, especially if said loss or damage is caused by applications installed without DESIGNER’S CAT knowledge or by technical problems in the internet provider’s server.

      1. Applicable law and competent court

      The present terms are governed by the Greek Law. Any related dispute shall be referred exclusively to the Courts of Athens, Greece.