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Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ τηλ. 210 8085969 – ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ τηλ. 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ τηλ. 210 9902190
Τηλεφωνικές Παραγγελίες: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ 210 8085969 ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ 210 8980170 - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 210 9902190

Designer's Cat

About us

The company DESIGNER'S CAT Ltd started its activity in the field of children's clothing in 2007. The need for a special outfit, led us to create a collection with aesthetics and back to earlier times when the romance and elegance was connected with the style, innocence and human values. The clothes we make are aimed at ages 6 months to 14 years.

The company's pricing policy is based on good quality and price (value for money). Designer's Cat products are available by a network of selected partners all over the world.  Europe, USA, Russia, Australia, etc.



Our people

The accumulated experience and knowledge of many years in the textile sector, young people in the design and inspiration of clothing and the utmost confidence in an older generation skilled in sewing and hand detail is the recipe for such a special collection. People with highly skilled and philosophy outside the industrial production and jobbing, create unique pieces with the goodwill of hand.



The choice of fabrics and materials made with great care and sensitivity, knowing that the final product reaches our children. We use raw materials 100% natural origin such as cotton, linen, silk. The lace we use careful not chemically treated or unsuitable paints. The final product is tested thoroughly (quality control) -a one before it reaches your hands.




For us the inspiration of creating each new collection is the most pleasant stage of our work. Each new collection is born based on an idea (concept) by the head of the creative department.The idea conveyed by the design department of the company. Manufacturing of the templates selected fabrics and materials which will be used in the original sample is created, which will go through several improvements and changes to complete. Since the number of new samples poorly are those that will eventually become part of the new collection.

The products Designer's Cat made entirely by hand and all the accessories to decorate like flowers, knitwear, etc. butterflies, make them unique in their class. It is our choice to be made in Greece by responsible and experienced Greek hands.